Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Had some friends in town this past weekend. Asuka aka Aska and her man Jean Sebastian aka J's. Tried to speak French wit them both since they're FLUENT. (Aska speaks fluent Japanese as well) Ugh! Arrêt - it means STOP. I want to learn another language. I speak Korean, English, Spanish - surprisingly, I got Jims and I through Mexico...we were both surprised at how decent I was. ;P By the end of our trip I was dreamin in Espanol~

Oh yeah, the film event was spectacular!!! It was a sold out screening, 80 + attendees! Not bad for my first film program. I got some great, encouraging feedback as well. Folks told me they loved it, it was warm, fulfilling, important, grateful. =) I'm looking forward to my next...

AND, go see MONGOL by Sergie Bodrov

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